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A New Year with Kalamita

We are in the second week of January, second week of new year and continuing our life by going back to the routine after the holidays. Kalamita schedule for the year 2013 will begin today after a short break for the holidays of Christmas and New Year. Schedule live coverage this afternoon, between 1:00 pm and 4:30 pm and will continue until the end of June 2013.

Schedule will include some changes. Some of the corners of the program must stop because the participants will be contesting the General Election and this is not permitted by the Broadcasting Authority. New items that will make good innovations in the program.
As one would expect, since we are in an electoral campaign, are circumstances that allow their impact on daily life. Circumstances that Kalamita will adapt to them, but with a difference.

Can you imagine you encounter a person who will contest the General Election and speak to him about politics? Kalamita will make this possible. The program will bring viewers to the candidates who will contest on behalf of the Labour Party.
Will be interesting how the viewer will learn through a different lens. Will be asked about everything but politics. Kalamita will comply in the background of family, hobbies, experiences related to occupation or employment, events that remained impressed in the mind of the individual. In short it will be a casual look at the life of the individual.
Certainly that should be cutting back some of the political bombardment we will be experiencing until 9 March 2013, to then continue normal life.

Hajjiet continues tomorrow, Tuesday, when an extensive look at the life of the popular singer Freddie Mercury. The popularity of both Freddie Mercury and his group is still strong today despite his death.
Hajjiet will be, as always, read by Anton Grasso, in his inimitable way.

During this week we’ll be announcing the winners of the Danish Competition Bakery Jespers, competition ranged from last October to December.
The gifts will be won this week are LED TV 40 ” and € 200 in cash, Laptop and € 200 in cash, and Camcorder plus € 200 in cash.
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Meanwhile Danish Bakery Jespers will continue the competition by the end of next June schedule.
The direction of Kalamita take the opportunity to give the viewers and their families a new year filled with prosperity, health and happiness pointing out that the program starts at 1:00 pm and runs until 4:30 pm

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