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The Team


alf-red Alfred Zammit – It was music that first propelled Alfred Zammit, best known for his magazine show Kalamita, into the public eye when he kicked off as a DJ, playing on the weekend. It also served as a good springboard for his television career. He started working as a radio DJ at Super One Radio this in turn paved the way to start producing television show Tipp and then he changed the name to Kalamita. Kalamita became the household name that it is today.  One aspect of this kind of show that Alfred holds very close to heart is the fact that he is in a position to use its popularity in order to make a difference in society. Alfred has a quote of being a people’s person and never forgetting where he came from. As a household television presenter he is the founder of Inflation Media Production and he owns the chair as the boss of the company.

Kirsten Darmanin – Has been working in the video and media production industry for over 10 years. Kirsten’s background is quite eclectic, from video production to 3D designs and even more. After years in this industry Kirsten went back to collage to get a certificate in Animation Techniques based on 2D and 3D Animations. Now as a senior Editor and Camera person for Inflation Media Productions is highly trained in this industry, his creativity is out of this world. When not at work, Kirsten enjoys living a healthy life style, training and taking care of his aquarium.

Ivan Baldacchino Grew up in this industry. From an early age he was involved in TV Production making programs for Television as Studio Camera and Directing. As he grew up he started to learn more about the industry in  Video Editing, Directing Programs from Live, Post Productions and Events. Now he has over 15 Years of experience in this industry. He joined Inflation Media Productions, bringing his post-production and 3D animation skills to a wide range of projects,  brings all the pieces together into something that can be shared with the world, constantly pushing to make each project better than the last, and finding new techniques to make our clients stories more engaging and dynamic. When not at work, Ivan can be found watching Anime and playing PlayStation

Phil Cope – For the past 10 years Phil has seen Inflation Media Productions flourishing to be one of the best production houses on the island. Beginning working as a clerk 10 years ago, now he is the Production Manager of the company, in which he schedules interviews on programs such as Kalamita, and also script writing the programs schedule. Day to day running of the office, and also a daily contact with the sponsor and clients of Inflation media Productions Ltd. Being a qualified Graphic Designer, you can find him editing and creating captions for sponsors that will be used on the internet or that will be shown on TV.

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